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Is Catholicism the reason why the Philippines is poor?

I cannot understand why people pointed the Catholicism as the cause of poverty in the Philippines. Catholicism does not teach people to steal, on the contrary, it teaches to love your fellow as you love yourselves. Had the Filipinos followed this commandment, Philippines might be one of the rich nations on Earth. The U.S. became great because of their Christian belief. I came across a blogger who told that it’s because priests are corrupt and have secret affairs with women. If a priest has an affair with a girl, is this the deed of the Catholic Church? does the Church teach their priests to be immoral? If a priest has an immoral affair, does he steal the money of the nation? How many government positions that the Catholic leaders hold?  

The Philippines becomes poor because of the massive corruption in the government. Most of its politicians if not all are corrupt. They love money more than their neighbors. They are Christians not in their hearts, they just worship Christ on their lips. Another cause is the ever existing war in Mindanao, Muslim extremists keep insisting their sovereignty. We know that their god doesn’t like Christians. If a Muslim becomes devoted to his religion, he will end up killing Christians and Hypocrites (Muslims who refuse to kill Jews and Christians). The Malaysian government founded and supported these rebels as admitted by Nur Misuari. 

Another cause is China, which founded and supported the NPA which has been warring against the Philippine government for a long time. China also made the Philippines a shabu market. The politicians and the enforcers just seize their shabu for money. If the Chinese are willing to pay a large sum, the officials just let them skipped, just what happened recently where Billions of pesos worth of shabu slipped past the custom twice in a row. Duterte instead of penalizing the heads of Bureau of custom, he transferred them to another positions. Officials are not afraid to commit corruption because they are backed by their government connection. 

China also keeps harassing the Filipinos, depriving them to  cultivate the oil-rich area in the West Philippine Sea even if it is well within their Exclusive Economic Zone.  Chinese coastguards keep chasing the Filipino fishermen and drive them out from their fishing ground, letting their own fishermen to monopolize the area. Today, Filipinos are now importing fishes from China which most probably caught from their own fishing territory. 

Another cause is the annual calamities that strike the country. Millions or even Billion of pesos and  lives are lost per year.


The author is just a simple man, He was a carving and carpentry sub-contractor. But lately, he discovered that his true passion is writing. He studied at the University of San Jose-Recoletos, took up Bachelor of Science in Industrial Engineering.

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