All Muslims Will Go To Hell According To Their Scriptures


1.) [Quran 3:185] Everyone shall taste death. And only on the Day of Resurrection shall you be paid your wages in full. And whoever is removed away from the Fire and admitted to Paradise, he indeed is successful. The life of this world is only the enjoyment of deception (a deceiving thing). 

2.) [Quran 11:119] Nor would thy Lord be the One to destroy communities for a single wrong-doing, if its members were likely to mend. If thy Lord had so willed, He could have made mankind one people: but they will not cease to dispute. Except those on whom thy Lord hath bestowed His Mercy: and for this did He create them: and the Word of thy Lord shall be fulfilled: “I will fill Hell with jinns and men all together.”

3.) [Quran 19:68] So by your Lord, surely, We shall gather them together, and (also) the Shayatin (devils) (with them), then We shall bring them round Hell on their knees. 

4.) [Quran 19:71-72] There will be no one of you who will not enter it (Hell). This was an inevitable decree of your Lord. Afterwards he may save some of the pious, God-fearing Muslims out of the burning fire.

5.) [Quran 15:43] “And surely, Hell is the promised place for them all.”

6.) [Sunan Ibn Majah 4281]

It was narrated from Hafsah that the Prophet (ﷺ) said: “I hope that no one of those who witnessed (the battle of) Badr and (Treaty) Hudaybiyah will enter Hell, if Allah wills.” I said: “O Messenger of Allah, doesn’t Allah say “There is not one of you but will enter it (Hell); this is with your Lord, a decree which must be accomplished?” [19:71] He said: “Have you not heard that He says: ‘Then We shall save those who use to fear Allah and were dutiful to Him. And We shall leave the wrongdoers therein (humbled) to their knees (in Hell)?’” 

7.) [Sahih Bukhari Volume 1, Book 12, Number 770]: 

“. . .Nobody except the Apostles will then be able to speak and they will be saying then, ‘O Allah! Save us. O Allah Save us.’ There will be hooks like the thorns of Sa’dan in Hell. Have you seen the thorns of Sa’dan?” The people said, “Yes.” He said, “These hooks will be like the thorns of Sa’dan but nobody except Allah knows their greatness in size and these will entangle the people according to their deeds; some of them will fall and stay in Hell forever; others will receive punishment (torn into small pieces) and will get out of Hell, till when Allah intends mercy on whomever He likes amongst the people of Hell, He will order the angels to take out of Hell those who worshipped none but Him alone. . .”

Why Rich Men Cannot Enter the Kingdom of God?

Therefore the cost of having a room in heaven is way more difficult than owning a room in a condominium. We cannot just sit down having a good time here on Earth always and expect to have a slot in Heaven in the last day.

For the rich men, this line of question is saddening or unacceptable, but Biblically speaking, it is impossible for the rich man to enter the Heaven. The Gospel tells us about a rich man who asked Jesus how to inherit eternal life [Mark 10:17 & Matthew 19:16]. In fact, Jesus admired this man for having kept the Ten Commandments since he was a boy [Mark 10:21]. But what he lacked? it was his unwillingness to give his possessions to the poor. Being rich is not forbidden by God in fact He made king Solomon wealthy, but there’s a responsibility that lies on it. The haves are instructed by God to help the needy. Jesus commanded us, “love your neighbor as you love yourself” (Matthew 22: 39). Therefore, to love your neighbor lesser than yourself means you disobey this commandment. If truly you love your neighbor the same as yourself, you can’t bear watching poor people around you in sufferings. Rich men live in luxury everyday, they can buy expensive foods for themselves and even for their pets. They can buy expensive dresses for themselves and even can buy dresses and diapers for their dogs. They can travel around the world and check in a 5 star hotel. Rich men can afford to do these stuffs while not minding their neighbors who have nothing to eat, nothing to wear, nothing to take shelter in, and no means to medicate their illnesses. God will become unfair and a liar if He will let wealthy men continue their luxurious life from Earth to Heaven. Christ said, “woe to you who are rich, for you have already received your comfort, woe to you who are well fed now for you will go hungry” (Luke 6: 24-25). To enter the kingdom of God is not is easy to obtain. God had laid commandments for us to observe so that we can follow Him to Heaven. To fail to follow His commandments means to fail to enter His kingdom. One must undergo sufferings through the thorny path on his way to Heaven. Jesus said, “take up your daily cross and follow me” (Luke 9:23). The more you suffer, the more you are to be exalted in Heaven. If you want to be the first, you must be the very last and be the servant of all (Mark 9: 35). The greatest among us here on earth will be the least in Heaven. In the parable of rich man and Lazarus, Abraham replied the rich man who pleaded him, “Son, remember that in your lifetime you received your good things, while Lazarus received bad things, but now he is comforted here and you are in agony” (Luke 16: 25). To have a luxurious life on earth will deny us from entering the Heaven, “do not store up for yourselves treasures on earth . . . but store up for yourself treasures in Heaven” (Matthew 6:19). Jesus Christ said, “Love your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind ” (Matthew 22: 38). It means one should be bound to obey all His commandments including to give up their possessions in helping the needy. Christ also said, “blessed are you who are poor for yours is the kingdom of God, blessed are you who hunger now for you will be satisfied, blessed are you who weep now for you will laugh” (Luke 6: 20-21). People’s wealth is only a dot compared to the magnitude of world’s poverty. Assuming that all rich people combine their wealth, still it is insufficient to feed the billions who suffer starvation around the world. So certainly there would be no rich men provided that everyone is willing to follow the will of God. Being wealthy means you are truly greedy. You cannot amass or possess wealth if only you have pity for your neighbors who can’t pay hospitalization or who can’t afford a decent house. Likewise, you cannot get rich in just a short period of time if you don’t accept bribe or kickback from government funds, if you don’t pinch your employees’ salaries, if you don’t cheat your customers, and if you don’t impose high interest rate for your money lent. These acts are detestable in God’s sight and will lead the committer to hell. If you are a billionaire and you give millions to Yolanda victims, this has no weight to God. For what is millions to you? _ compared to your billions. And if you are a millionaire and you give thousands, this has no weight to God. For what is thousands to you compared to your millions? When you give, it should have a heavy effect on you. In (Luke 21: 3), Jesus commended the 2 mites put in by a widow as greater than the large amounts put in by rich people. For the widow out of her poverty put in all she had to live on. If you plan to own a room in a condominium of your dream, it is imperative that you work more hard in order to afford that dream. And how much more to have a room in heaven? Isn’t it to have a room in heaven is way more fantastic than owning a room in a condominium? Isn’t it to have an eternal life in Heaven is way more pleasant than living on transitory Earth? Therefore the cost of having a mansion in heaven is way more difficult than owning a room in a condominium. We cannot just sit down having a good time here on Earth always and expect to have a slot in Heaven in the hereafter.

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